October 6th, 2006


As usual, morning brings perspective

And kittens chewing on my nose. Sorry I whined last night.

Anyway, let's see. What's interesting in the world this morning? Watching the kitten fling herself at the dogs repeatedly, that's interesting! The dogs sometimes love this, sometimes ignore it, and sometimes show signs of distress. They got what they asked for, though: the Stupider Dog desperately wanted the kitten to play with him.

I got my cya_ficathon assignment. There are actually four assignments: one that's mandatory for Dec 1, and three that are optional. One of the optional ones is a crossover that makes me show my teeth in a predatory grin. The main assignment is also to my tastes (a pairing I enjoy writing; a setting that's one of my favorites). However, note due date. NaNoWriMo is going to interfere with this. I might have to write it this month so I can keep November clear for Giles and his long struggle with the Council.

I nearly didn't sign up for this, because the previous round was 100% Buffy/Angel. I am not a fan of Mr Broody McForehead, nor am I a fan of necrophilia. Earlier rounds did include more interesting characters, and produced little gems like mireille719's Second Guessing.

Just what I needed, huh? Another story to write! Because I didn't have enough of those.
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oh dear

Today's project

Okay, I've decided what today's project is going to be. It's definitely in the "ruin your life by not working on any of the existing required projects you have" category. But also in the "will lift the tedium of existence while keeping over-active brain soothed" category.

I'm gonna write a little Ruby On Rails app for tracking my BPAL scents & opinions. I really ought to be writing it in one of the new Python web app frameworks, since I like Python about a hundred times better than Ruby. But hey, Ruby is nicely Smalltalky and not all that bad, and Rails is pleasant to work in. To satisfy urges toward language nazidom, I'll write the initial data import script (from Nattie's Excel spreadsheet) in Python.

Though, argh, it's really time for me to learn a new programming language, since I haven't done so yet this year. I had been thinking about one of the functional languages, like Haskell, but I cannot imagine that writing a web app sans framework in a language like that would be any fun. (Assuming there's even an sqlite library for it.)

Yes, geek geek. I know. But it's half of who I am.
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Some progress

Fugly, but datariffic. Also in my public subversion repository so sharable the moment it actually contains work that would take more than an hour to replicate.

first steps

Now I think I'm ready to do something else for a while. I'll encoolify this when I need a break from writing or from work.
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