October 3rd, 2006


FIC: Breaking Glass 1/2

Author: antennapedia
Title: Breaking Glass 1/2
Rating: FRAO for sex and drugs and four-letter words
Summary: Ethan takes Giles for a weekend away from Council pressures, and Giles travels considerably further than either of them had expected.
Word count: 4100
Notes: Many many thanks to theblackmare and hobgoblinn for the insightful last-minute reads.

maleslashminis Giles round
For: mireille719
Pairing: Giles/Ethan
Wanted: cigarettes; a broken window; a holiday (interpret that as you will)
Unwanted: sap/fluff; non-con
Preferred rating: any

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Gratuitious iTunes playlist post

I didn't write to this (can't write to music with singing, mostly), but here's a bit of a Buzzcocks-heavy soundtrack for Giles and Ethan. Giles likes the bellbottomed cockrock, but Ethan has more alternative tastes, and he won out.

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In closing: is there anything as terrifying as the sight of a kitten with her head in your coffee cup? This kitten did not need caffeine. And now I get myself in gear so I can make it to Berkeley by 1pm to meet an LJ friend in person for the first time!
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Brain mostly refreshed

Today I engaged in no serious thought. I ate a lot of chocolate. I met wide_rider and her newly-ordained Lutheran pastor mom in Berkeley. We went up the campanile; we ate and drank chocolate thingies; we talked motorcycles; I talked her into a new and frightening step in story-writing: the PLAN. I read a huge chunk of sweetdoggie's long series rewrite, "The Assistant". I hung out on the couch with the spouse. I engaged in no deep thought.

I think the batteries have recharged following the prolonged drain on them that was the weekend and Monday.

Tomorrow I tackle "Breaking Glass" part 2: in which things become interesting, and points are proven, and Giles makes choices. Complete draft exists, but it is conceptually confused and needs coherence.

When I'm writing things like this, I wish I had more actual lit'ry eddication. My reading is so patchy.