August 24th, 2006


BPAL update

The BPAL fun continues. I have two orders outstanding, embarrassingly. Many imps, and bottles for a few of the things I've liked best.

Favorite scents on me: Dracul, Dragon's Milk, Coyote.
Favorite scents on Mr Pedia: Dee, Dracul.
Really nifty one that you should try, dear reader: Aglaea
"Three golden ambers, bright musk, peach wine and myrtle."
So cheerful and bright and fruity when wet. Settles down quietly to cheerful but smooth amber. Happy golden sunshine. I've decided that Buffy smells like this.

Collapse )
Giles/Buffy washed out

Brief writing update

Sequel to "Reconnection" is well underway. It'll be a bit longer, and it won't resolve anything. It'll be more like the next chapter in a longer thing. Congratulations, you evil people, you have lured me into writing a serial.

I am definitely here to learn how to write a novel, in the planned, plotted, structured sort of way. This is not how to do that. But what the heck. There's lots of other craft I desperately need practice with... like making things hard on my characters.

Task for tonight

Feedback! Feedback on the two stories I owe feedback on. Then writing. No matter how interesting the situation Giles and Buffy are in at the moment, back in Sunnydale. Feedback first.
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