August 17th, 2006


Moving right along

Well, that was an anticlimax. Time for the next strangely unsatisfying experience.

Read through all of my unfinished stuff last night. 120K words of ... something. The N-LBS is the most interesting of the lot, but it's a jumble of shiny objects in a box. A bunch of interesting character sketches without anything story-shaped holding them together. I am extremely fond of that Giles, though. As I read I found myself wanting to spend more time with him. And to put him through hell.

Step 1: Figure out what my story is. At one time I thought I knew. I didn't.

Perhaps I'll do that. Feeling discouraged, however, so perhaps I need to do something mindless instead. Read this collection of Saylor short stories that's been sitting bedside for months now, for instance.
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