August 9th, 2006

TEA evil can wait

Short sharp complaint

Me & scansion: not good friends.
In fact, I'd say we're locked in a struggle to the death at the moment, and I'm not winning.

On the plus side: Holmes-Giles revision finished any second now. Perhaps shortly after I scrounge up some dinner for myself. And wow, this draft was worth it, 'cause it's better now. Possibly it's even readable.
Watson likely stories

Wow, I did finish it

Draft complete. I still have that warm feeling, that "goodness, this one might not suck" glow that you get and sometimes enjoy for a day or two before realizing that no, in fact everything you write still sucks. I'm sure you know the feeling. And if you don't, please go away because your smug contentment with your lot in life might well move me to implode.

I am having that "must show to others" feeling that I have been attempting to cultivate in myself. Am resisting giving into it. Must practice sending things to a beta reader. Must remain calm.