July 31st, 2006

watcher sepia

Initial scent reviews

Dee is what Giles' hands smell like after he's spent a day researching for Buffy then casting spells. Books, paper, strange herbs, the brown leather boots peeking out under his jeans (to your surprise). Giles with the earring, not Giles with the tea.

Coyote is a yellow California hillside in summer sun. Warm and a little dreamy.

Dragon's milk is nectar with a warm vanilla base. When I put it on, I was overwhelmed with childhood memory of lying in the grass in a field in summer, wildflowers everywhere, bumblebees zapping past. It settles down to warm, creamy vanilla after a while, and I get less of that sweet thin flower-taste.

All three smell good on me, though I think I like Dee on Mr Pedia better than Dee on me. It's fairly masculine. I took a little while to decide I liked Coyote. It was a bit sharp right out of the imp.

It's interesting how I lack a vocabulary for scents, and must move immediately to the imagery they call up. These are complicated smells. I'm not much of a standard perfume sniffer, but these scents don't seem standard to me. I can't imagine Dee, in particular, being sprayed on you by one of those people in Macy's.

Mr Pedia's review of his wrists, once I pushed him to go beyond "stinky": "[Coyote] seems more subtle. [Dee] seems more aggressive."
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