June 10th, 2006



headrush100's h/c Giles ficathon has completed, and stories are appearing on her master list. The ones I've read thus far have been fantastic pieces. The practice of serious fiction writing is alive in the world of fanfic, and bless those writers for sharing with us all.
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Fiction: Substitute

Part 3 of the Novel-Length Bond Story (repeat joke), but it stands alone fairly well. Started life inspired by the h/c ficathon prompt words ignorance, dark, remedy, open, impact, and the number 3.

Title: Substitute
Author: Antennapedia
Pairing: None; series is eventually B/G
Rating: FRM
Spoilers: Through "Becoming"
Summary: Xander steps up post-Angelus.
Notes: I stuck pretty closely to canon levels of Giles injuries, no matter how improbable that was. I did swap hands.
Warnings: The occasional four-letter word. Vague discussion of torture.
Disclaimer: I claim no ownership and am making no money.
Distribution: Hey, whatever. Just let me know.

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