June 4th, 2006


Oh no, another story

I am embarrassed to say that instead of doing anything useful yesterday, like cleaning the house or putting books away or cataloging my lint collection, I wrote and nearly completed a draft of my own pervy Core Four fic. It surprised me by being most definitely smut, and smut of a kind that I have never written before and hadn't thought myself likely to write. (I enjoy reading it, but when I write I tend to want to blur the hydraulic details as being less interesting than other things I could be describing.) It is not pr0n, however, because it's definitely a story with character development and a moment of change brought about by the encounter between the four of them.

Well, okay, it's probably pr0n.

It's also much less G/B-ish than I would have predicted, given my usual preferences.

[Edit] Okay, it's done. Must find somebody to give it the once-over to make sure I haven't committed any anatomical impossibilities or grammatical outrages.
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Fic: Emergence

Title: Emergence
Author: Antennapedia
Pairing: Giles/Buffy, mention of G/E
Rating: FRAO
Spoilers: Set between seasons 3 & 4.
Summary: Giles emerges from his shell after Scooby encouragement and a little manipulation from Oz.
Warnings: Drug use, sex.
Disclaimer: I claim no ownership and am making no money.
Distribution: Hey, whatever. Just let me know.


It would be the summer holiday, if he were still a school librarian, which he was not. Sunny, hot, dry. The hills had scorched to yellow and brown. Giles also turned brown, more gently. The bright days stretched to the infinite horizon of the Pacific under a cloudless sky. The nights were desert-cool, and quiet.

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Fic: Four nights and a revelation

Okay, I'm unable to title this for real, so you get the working title. And now I'm off to catalog my lint.

Title: Four nights and a revelation
Author: Antennapedia
Pairing: B/G/W/X
Rating: FRAO
Summary: The enjoining spell to defeat Adam has surprising and life-changing after-effects.
Notes: Spoilers for all of season 4.
Warnings: When I say the four of them get together, I mean it. This comes close to ringing the changes on the matchups.
Disclaimer: I claim no ownership and am making no money.
Distribution: Hey, whatever. Just let me know.

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sloppy sweater

Fic postmortems

Or fic postpromulgatios or something like that.

The problem with "Emergence" is that all the conflict is internal, and that's never as interesting as when it's external, or an internal conflict is commented upon by an external conflict, or whatever. The question is "will he get over himself and get together with her", and the answer is obviously "yes" from the first moment. All the fun has to come from the journey from the start to the end, and dunno if there's enough of that fun there. If you're a B/G shipper, quite possibly. I did enjoy writing it, and I think it has some nice moments and is sweet. But there's not enough at stake. Nobody suffers.

"Emergence" is put to bed. Lessons learned; time to move on.

The problem with the Core Four fic is structural. I wrote myself into a corner and ended up with all the sex from the viewpoint of only two characters, leaving two of our heroes out in the cold. And alas, one of those viewpoints is Willow, and my Willow voice is shaky. I definitely had to end with the Giles-viewpoint segment, because everything builds toward that. (Note that the structure is out of balance anyway!) But I ought to have found a way to write the sex from everybody's viewpoint. And the sex incidents need to build emotionally to the final Giles sequence. Also need to build in intimacy. Maybe a mirror thing: G, X, B, W, smut begins, W, B, X, G. I might revise this story just to see how much better it would be structured that way. Also, it would be fun to write smut from Xander's pov, because I think that boy has a nice dirty mouth.

My first try at writing slash, and I think it came out okay. I do confess to wimping out on the f/f stuff and not being direct and sensory enough. If I try the structure above, that section would be in Buffy's pov, and I think Buffy wouldn't let me get away with being meta. Buffy just isn't meta, the way Giles and Willow can be. And yet, the Giles segment is actually the most tactile of all the sex writing. Possibly because I'm feeling comfortable writing the Giles-voice. Hmm.

So I think that one will get another draft in a while.