April 28th, 2006


Setting the long story aside

I need to give the long story a few days of rest and think about something else for a little while. Perhaps finish the short thing I posted a couple of days ago. And I have two other things in progress: a response to a really old challenge (Buffy wants Giles to be her first) and the Holmes timetravel thing. Which is hard work. First there's the work of imitating Watson's writing style. Then there's choosing a first-person voice for Giles. How formally does he write? I haven't worked it out yet.

The challenge response is a lighter writing task. I decided to set it in season 4, to take a few pokes at Parker and to give Snitty!Giles a chance to run free. Though he isn't entirely cooperating. The Giles in my head is mostly a sweet guy, it seems.
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