March 12th, 2006


Today's read

Shadow though it be, by L Inman. As the author admits, Mary Sue: the usual dimensional rift sticks TV show fan into Buffyverse. I have been a sucker for a well-written version of this since the excellent old Trek fic "Visit to a strange planet" and "Visit to a strange planet revisited". Though those stories swap in the actors. Hijinks ensue.

Anyway. This isn't a particularly hijinxy story. What, really, seriously, would happen if you were slammed across dimensions out of your own life and into the world of a particular mythic story?

I liked the sequence where the point-of-view character explores Giles' apartment. What had been a purely visual thing, seen in snatches from television camera angles, becomes a real place, all the senses excited. Giles also gains dimension, a physicality that so much fic neglects to give its characters.

An interesting read. It develops in directions that you likely wouldn't predict from the opening. The main character does not remain in the position she was in at the opening; she builds a life in the Sunnydaleverse separate from the Buffy characters.

Criticisms: It wears its Sayers too much on its sleeve. (And I say this even though I'm completely in the sucker-for-Sayers demographic.) Best for the author to get it all out in one big burst of fic, I suppose. And, well, if you can't stick the premise you'll hate every second of it anyway.
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