TEA evil can wait

Tea, ah, tea!

Cigars! He had not even succeeded in out-living his palate-- the famous palate that in the fifties men swore by, and speaking of him, said: "Forsyte's the best palate in London!" The palate that in a sense had made his fortune-- the fortune of the celebrated tea men, Forsyte and Treffry, whose tea, like no other man's tea, had a romantic aroma, the charm of a quite singular genuineness. About the house of Forsyte and Treffry in the City had clung an air of enterprise and mystery, of special dealings in special ships, at special ports, with special Orientals.
Brewing in the kitchen now: Darjeeling. In the possession of the teenaged kitten: packing peanuts!

And it's all theblackmare's doing!
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It was delicious, and fueled my afternoon's struggle suffering writing. As it will fuel many afternoons' work, I suspect.
where the tea comes from...
The tea came from a singular and wondrous place: uptontea.com.

I learned about them almost ten years ago when I lived in MA and a friend gave me this extraordinarily detailed and educational catalog. I learned so much about tea, its many kinds and forms and the best way to brew them. Now I have the kind of collection of tea that many of the rest of you have of BPAL, except I go through it faster, I suspect. Good thing it's cheaper then, eh?

The company is a small private firm, the labor of one man's love, and it is a Tea Drinker's Tea Supplier. This is the real stuff, whole leaf magic. This is not the dusty travesty of big commercial brands. Upton's has tea from every producing region in the world, carefully and thoroughly described and affordable. The catalog is now a well-designed, content-rich web site with oodles of information for the browser and a joyful jolt of mutual recognition for the afficianado.

Go forth and get yourself something wonderful. They sell generous sample packets, collections of particular types, and some of their most satisfying blends and single-estate teas are cheaper than the Bigelow, Taylor's of Harrodsgate, etc. you find at the grocery store. They are far cheaper than Republic of Tea, Starbucks, Stash, and all of the other designer labels that have sprung up in the coffee bars in recent years. And the quality is far higher.

Sometimes you just have to know where to look. And you need to own a teaball. Upton's carries all the appropriate utensils you need to have to enjoy tea as it was meant to be.
Re: where the tea comes from...
Ooo. A new link for tea! I get mine from EnglishTeaStore.com. Prices are good and the tea is fresh and flavorful. I only drink black. I think green tea tastes like dirt. A couple of my favorites--Monk's Blend and Buckingham Palace Garden Party. The Ginger is also very refreshing, but probably not a taste for everybody. I think it's yummy.
Re: where the tea comes from...
Not all green teas taste "earthy", though many of them do. The key thing is to brew them with hot, but NOT boiling, water. 160-180 degrees F, maximum. Any hotter than that, and you get all the worst elements, especially bitterness, and none of the nice flavors. It's a pity that the people pushing green tea for health benefits don't make that clearer, because people try to brew it the way they brew black tea and are appalled at the result.

You might try an oolong -- it is a partially oxidized leaf, between green and black. The "jade" oolongs are among the nicest. Mellow, golden, kind. The very best stuff that you get at a really good Chinese restaurant is often a jade oolong.

I drink ginger straight as an infusion, without tea. Keeps my tummy calm in the face of threats and disturbance. Calms my reflux, too.
Re: where the tea comes from...
Thanks for the info. I also buy occasionally from Adagio.com, but I think they are pricey. Nice containers though.
Ooooh! Tea.

Love at first drink. We have a tea room here in Tucson and I treat myself on my birthday. Thanks to your post, I can treat myself at home even more.

It's delicious stuff. So much better than even the tea I had been getting at the local Peet's. Mmmmmm.