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Oh noes! That was the year that was, 1965

Okay, now the actual meme from many via elementalv: Go to YouTube, search the year you were born. Post a video from that year. I went for famous cultural events, instead of kitschy cultural events.

Ali vs Liston. That KO is a shocker.

The Beatles play Shea, and technology is completely incapable of meeting the screaming challenge. Ringo said later that at this point in their touring history, he was reduced to slamming on the beat so his bandmates could hear it well enough to stay in time with each other.

The Who live. The angry energy is only allowed to show at the edges.

Meanwhile... Vietnam newsreel footage. A reminder of what fueled the social unrest of the time. What moved my father to burn his draft card. (Or so he said. I've never been sure he actually did. He has always been a bit of a paper tiger.)
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