Hey! Yesterday was my first anniversary here in LJ land. I've now clocked an entire year in active fandom. (As opposed to the silent lurking and reading I did earlier, in B5 fandom and very briefly in HP fandom.)

It's been a decent year, I think. I've had a lot of fun, and gone from knowing exactly zero people in Buffy fandom to knowing lots. Yay! Thank you all for being friendly!

Okay, I'll tell you the problem here: I have three more icon slots to fill, and about 50 icons to choose among. My brain hurts.
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Well, there. ::jouncing you up and down:: Happy first birthday on LJ. Glad to have met you. Big grins of warm companionship.
Congratulations on your first year! [hugs]
Happy belated anniversary!!

One year down and many more to go. You are a joy to read and I love to get your comments on my things cause you always mean what you write.
Thank you so much! The sentiment is entirely returned, you know: I leap at the browser when I see you've posted something.