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Oh noes! Five stories I liked (or hated less, anyway)

gileswench tagged me, so I baa baa baa my way to an answer: What are my five favorites stories of the ones I've written, and why do I like them?

I picked out a few stories a little while ago while thinking about what I wrote last year. Since then I've posted three significant stories and a few smaller things.

Tradition & Protocol part 1, "Initiation"
More for where it's going and the universe I invented for the series than for this story specifically. But this was my first success at making things tough on my characters. And there's some nice stuff all through here, such as the repeated image of the blade and its association with Giles. The characterizations of Buffy and Giles both. Giles' voice. And the relationship between the two of them I'm poised to describe, which is a bit upside down.

"Gas-ring Alchemy"
"Breaking Glass"
I like these two better than you all do, I suspect. Partly it's because of the universe, and where this Giles is going and what happened with his father and what's going to happen with him & Buffy. And for that relationship with Ethan, which ends in heartbreak for both of them, but at this moment is giving them each what they need. Also I like that there's some layered meaning in this one: the alchemical transformation as Rupert figures out what he wants; a fortunate fall; a descent into the underworld that will cost Giles a great deal but also give him the knowledge he will need later to defeat his enemies. I hope none of that is in the reader's face, but is kinda glittering in the background.

Reconnection part 1
Written over two nights. The idea came to me in one piece, and I just typed and typed until I had it on paper. I have secretly gone back and fixed up the typos and the clumsinesses that more patient writing avoids, but the story core is what I wanted: Buffy, muffled in depression, has a satori experience and decides to live. The narrative voice moves the way I wanted, from a sort of dull disconnected indifferent mode through awakening.

"Dragon's Reverie"
I love the genfic plottiness of this series as a whole (and the bittersweet resolution I'm building toward), but I like my writing in this chapter in particular. It's vivid: sound + vision + scent. I love the Buffy of this series. She's so aware, focused, and functional, the best of all Buffies. And I confess to a severe case of lust for Giles sweaty after swordfighting.

Er, tag? Who on my flist hasn't done this yet or been tagged already? Um, glimmergirl, penwiper26, kivrin? Anybody else who wants to? I am interested in reading what people like about their own writing and why!
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Reconnection is the only one I've read (will have to check out the others), and I have to say I'm surprised how quickly it was written!
There are downsides to fast writing. I would make different choices in some places if I were rewriting it. Or if I were writing it knowing that people would want me to extend it to a series. But the upside is that there aren't any toolmarks. The idea hasn't been tinkered to death.
I haven't been tagged yet, but I don't think the one 500 word piece I've written really counts.
haha...I think I'm intimidated by all the great writers I read. And I have a terrible time coming up with plots.
You know why I love that line from Ethan? I'll tell you why. Because it's him doing to Giles what he claimed worked with women in that first conversation. Working the angles. Manipulating. I wouldn't put it past him to have made the whole thing about the astrologer up.