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Oh noes! top ten reasons meme!

Comment with the words "Top Ten" or "Top Five", and I will reply with a subject for which you will generate a top ten (or top five) list. Post the list and instructions in your own journal.

gileswench wants: 10 reasons why Giles should take his shirt off as often as possible!

Jenny Calendar: Ooh. I get only one reason why England should take his shirt off? Because of the way he squeaks when I tickle his ribs while he's struggling with the buttons. And then he stutters at me, exactly as if he weren't the sexiest man in Sunnydale.

Joyce Summers: Oh, dear. We never did take our shirts off, did we? Or much of anything else. Though Ripper did make the strangest sound when he found out I wasn't wearing any panties. *giggles* He needs to take his shirt off immediately so I can see what he looks like!

Olivia: The man was not meant to wear clothing, and most especially not those dreary chunky earth-toned sweaters he seems to have gone mad for. Clinging black silk shirts, that's what I'd put him in. At least long enough to make him strut about before he took them off for me.

Ethan: He's stayed in shape, has my Ripper. But really, if he's shirtless, then I can be playing with his nipples, which makes him less likely to be kicking me in the kidneys. And much more likely to be letting me play with other parts of his body.

Oz: Hmm. He looks good. Going with that.

Anya: Rupert is quite manly and fit for someone of his age. And taking off his shirt is usually a prelude to sex, which I have discovered is especially good with someone with his level of experience. He had a lot of pure technique and he's also attentive to my responses. It's gratifying.

Spike: Oh, no! Admit that I liked what I saw when I was tied up in that git's bathtub? Never going to happen. Especially not when he would have his morning shave wearing nothing but a towel with the water beaded on his chest all tasty-like. Hated that.

Willow: I think it's because of the cute fuzz he has on his tummy. I like the way it vanishes down into his pants. Sort of a promise about what you might find if you follow it. Okay, okay, what I did find, which I was way more into than I thought I was gonna be.

Xander: Oh jeez, I should not be allowed to talk about this. The last time I did it turned out I was talking right in front of one of the women on the Sunnydale Chamber of Commerce and she could not stop staring at Giles funny through the entire duration of the next town small business owner's confab. But it's because he only does it when I'm already entirely buck naked like a jaybird in a birthday suit, and the next thing he takes off is his belt and do I have to spell it out for you?

Buffy: Huh. Well, I'm going with the muscles in his arms, which I totally did not expect until the first time he took it off. I mean, duh, the guy fights with a sword all the time. Those things are heavy. But I was surprised anyway. He picked me up and carried me upstairs. Made me feel all girly in a good way.
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