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More with the progress

Part four, aka the start of the main story, now has a complete first draft. Yowza. This is the Cruciamentum fallout section, kicking off the main conflict. Part 5 is pretty ragged and incomplete, and still needs an outline pass. Part 6 is, strangely, in much better shape. It's already the longest of any of the sections, and still growing. Bullets fly in part 6. Though I just realized that my section divisions are arbitrary; I could easily split part 6 at the point where mumble arrives from muffle burble.

The husband read the first three parts last night. These really are more like three separate stories providing the context for the main story. They have beginnings, middles, and ends of their own. Spousal Unit had a few good suggestions to make, particular about my Xander character arc.

It's always agonizing to be in the room while somebody is reading your fiction. Listening to him laugh was tough. "He's laughing. Is he laughing at something I want him to laugh at, or something else? Aigh!" This sort of feeling makes me feel intense sympathy for the people I give feedback to. Though lord knows whether that comes across in email. I have all the interpersonal skills of your average computer programmer.
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