I *just* saw the preview tonight and I'm totally with you. That was one of the first sci-fi texts I'd read in college (not that i hadn't read scifi, but it was the first one actually as part of the curriculum), and it just makes me sad that it's all 'cute kids learn the power of love' kind of thing. EWW.
I just don't get these total genre switches. The story is horror, and ends with the father's realization that he has lost his children forever. How can somebody read that and see "oh, cute toys"? Sigh.
Huh, saw the preview, too. Thought it looked cool, but to be fair, never read the story.

Seems like it'll be along the same lines of what happened when they made "The Bridge to Tarabithia" into a movie. I saw the previews for that and was all, "that happened in the book? Did I sleep throught half the book?"

Sorry they got ahold of a favorite of yours.
Eh. I will just decline to see it, and mutter strangely to myself as I walk down the street, with periodic outbursts at strangers. I think I might also acquire an umbrella to use to threaten young people with.
The umbrella is a bad idea. Shades of Britney, don't you know.

Not pleased with the remake either, though I never read it before myself.

How did they get a talking rabbit out of an anatomically correct doll?
A kinda gross anatomically correct puzzle doll, even. Buh. "Gimme something cuter, here, Jenkins. Something we can use for tie-in merchandise."
Re: not an extendable umbrella
Sigh. I did think about it. They did do it. Misery. And yes, Pythia is a much better read!