More with the sword kink

"Thusia" already had a fight scene with demons & humans that I'd planned on making brutally violent. But now that I've seen wickedfox's latest manip of Giles-with-sword, it includes a fight scene in which Giles uses the sword. And Buffy uses the metal pole I had been planning on putting in Giles's hands. (And because I am tweaky dork, there is a reason it's in his right hand, too.)

Isn't that manipulation awesome?

All the progress that I should be making on the challenge story, I'm making on this one. Hello, impending flake. Fortunately it is a challenge and not a ficathon, and flaking is not a crime. (I will make up for it by writing the MR story in a happy complete way later. After I get this one out of me.)
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it SO made me think of peacockGiles in Ars Draconis! beautiful & deadly & more beautiful. no words have i.
Oh. My. Good-ness.

But there is a thing that strikes me, and one of the reasons I so like the manip: this is the END of the fight: Giles has this person at bay. He has fought them to a standstill, and is holding them at swordpoint while either listening to them, or considering what to do next, or perhaps waiting for Buffy to come and join him in the judgment after she's dispatched her own opponent. In any case, there is a very definite sadness in his eyes, a sense of grief that events should have come to this in the end. That is not an agressive face; it is a considering one. It is the face of a reluctant paladin, not a bloodthirsty challenger. There could be mercy, if mercy is warranted. Or there will be swift execution. But the being at the end of that sword's reach is in Giles's power entirely or Giles wouldn't take this moment of consideration.

And _of course_ he can fight ambidexterously. Duh. Besides, we can't see what he's holding in his dominant hand, and it could be something fragile or desperately important. It's another sign of his total control of the situation that he doesn't need to use his dominant hand to hold the opponent exactly where he wants them.

Okay. Shutting up now so that Ms. Pedia can tear along and get her story done and I can gobble it all down like the greedy beast I am. *slurp*
I believe I can persuade you of what happens next. Buffy is... not where Giles would like her to be.
Why yes, that'd surely give 'im pause, now wouldn't it?
[I'd be there! Pick me! Pick me!]

I just need to remind myself that being The Chosen isn't all beer (bad) and skittles. But, ooooh, I have SUCH a bad case of Sword Envy.
You definitely picked up on one of the things that attracted me to that image so much: the expression on his face. I initially thought about using the image in Ars Draconis, but that emotion does not really fit the fierce joy in battle that AD!Giles/Ryd feels. It's grim resignation. He's going to have to kill.