Wimsey do tell

Oh noes! user name meme!

I was afraid of this. blueanddollsome tagged me to explain where my user name came from.

The short answer is that both the Livejournal and the gmail accounts for it were available, so I nabbed it. It wasn't the first "antenna" variant I tried, but it was (oddly) the source of the antenna variations. A long time ago I played an online team FPS in which I went by the handle "antennapedia". It came to mind as a possible nom de guerre to use to keep my fanfiction writing identity separate from my real-life identity. Though many of you know my real name by now, in part because I was a little weirded out by the fandom handle concept.

Why that word, though? I love wordplay of the variety that takes words and slices them up. E.g., I once wrote a usenet post containing the following definitions:

embryoentomologist: one who studies insect pupae
ecoenology: one who studies the effect of Brian Eno on the environment
etymeschatlogy: study of the origin of the word "destiny"
egypteulogist: one who has kind words to say about Egypt
ecclesiepidemiologist: one who studies the spread of religion
endocrepistemologist: one who studies the excretion of knowledge

"Antenna" and "pedia" is such a combination, with the added advantage of being an actual word in biology for a somewhat gruesome mutation of fruitflies. (If you feel courageous, do a google image search on it.)

So, I dunno, I guess it works: it signals my wordnerdiness, and my general scimath geekiness, and it can be shortened.

I will decline to tag anybody, but if you want to, tell us all about your user name.
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Interesting story there. SO much better than mine. I was too lame to come up with something good... "Oh, hey, I ride a Wide Glide, I think I'll go with that." *facepalm* LOL

Ooh, plus, it sounds cool.

"One who studies the effect of Brian Eno on the environment". LOL!
nemaihne= Nemain, Celtic war goddess of chaos and panic. Used it a lot in college and so it was a ready handle once I discovered BBSs and on into the internet. However, in 94/95 I lost access to my yahoo account and couldn't remember the password. As I used false information to set the account up, I had no idea what info I had used to call them and retrieve the info. (Lesson learned about using false info- I keep track of it now.) So, I made up the spelling variant as a temporary solution because, really, how long would yahoo be a leading email server anyway?
Through use, the variant stuck. :/