Drabble: Mr Muggles Saves the Day

Er, gileswench made another crack!fic challenge, this one with spoilers for Heroes s1x17.

Fire! The house was on fire. His human pack were in alert mode, uttering hoarse warning-barks then huddling and whining. Mr Muggles hesitated at the door. Smoke and burn-stench roiled behind him. He knew what had to be done. He'd been told not to, though. The rolled-up newspaper had taught him that though his skill made him the envy of all the other dogs in the neighborhood, it made his packleader unhappy. But this fire? Scarier than an angry pack leader. It had to be stopped.

Mr Muggles squinched up his muzzle, lifted his leg, and aimed.

Hey! I wrote a drabble! 100 words exactly.
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OMG! That's truly worth of an LOL (a real one, not just in text.)
Hahaha! Never seen Heros, but clearly this did not need backstory. And thank you for making my time on hold more enjoyable.
Superhero dogs! There is also the dog with the Timmy-finding ability. The dog with the jaws of steel who can chew anything to shreds. And the dog with super tunnel-digging abilities.
The never-emptying bladder. After about twenty yards of any walk, my tiny dog Pixel is totally out of ammo. He keeps lifting his leg, though... hope is eternal. Either that or he just hasn't noticed that he's run dry.
Never watched the show, but that is just TOO cute!! It's taken over five minutes to stop giggling - oh, wait, still going!
Congrats on the 100 words! Awesome! :)
You... must... watch. You can buy the whole season from iTunes, or you can watch them for free on NBC's Heroes website.