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Hey! I just put up all kinds of katekat1010-made banners on my old-fashioned static site. At the ends of stories, so that you are not troubled while you read by graphics. Also I tweaked the css a tad to fix the navigational links in the upper left, so they don't vanish when the page scrolls. I strive to keep the page readable above all else, with dark sans-serif text on a light background. And a text window that doesn't stretch too wide: maximal readability is at 60-70 characters per line.

I have no idea what the fonts look like on Windows, though. It's Gills Sans if you got it.

People seem to really like that fruit story with the G-man and the Xan-man, which makes me happy. Also, Giles and Watson bonding over the Mikado and the business with the sword in the desert have their bannerage.

Made lots of progress on the wrong story. "Thusia" is at 3500 words. Title might change. The writing bath this evening was enlivened by the Lush Ma bar, and this time the kitten did fall in. Hee!
Tags: award, fic wittering

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