It's nice to know people are reading and enjoying. It's the point of the exercise to me, the secret coiled spring that drives the clockwork inside this particular writer. Thank you!
Multiple congratulations for multiple wins!
In almost all categories, the difference between 1st and 2nd place was only one or two votes. The 1st and 2nd (and sometimes 3rd) place winners got way more votes than 4th and below.

I was making a really lame joke about being married only once :) I'm actually very psyched. That was a good set of stories & images being honored in that round.
I just saw mention of that. Congratulations on your awards. So well deserved. You're a marvelous writer and I'm honoured to share a place with you. And Katekate's awards are right on. Her manips and banners are superb.
I have shared the mutual adoration elsewhere, and will repeat it again here: I am thrilled that you share your stories with us all. They've given me so much pleasure.
Congratulations darling! Although, seriously, the multiple awards speak to your multiple talents - and the multiple ways you entertain us all! Thank you for sharing so many lovely things for us to read.

(and thanks for the mention, too :D )
Thank you! I do love it when people read and have fun reading. It's the reason I do it.

(I have a special love for that one :) I hope I'll be able to use it in a fic post again soon.)
well. its late but very sincere - congratulations, you deserve it all
(& that banner for 'reconnection' is very tasty!)