action giles

action figure!

In my sweaty hands right now: an action figure of Giles! It's the "Chosen Giles" figure. He's got a sword. Excuse me. I seem to be 8 again.

As action figures go, he's okay. 14 points of articulation, most of them in his arms. Resemblance to ASH is hmm, ergh, you know how these toys go. But hey! I have Giles! On my desk next to my monitor! Threatening to smack me if I don't get working on the tenyearsofbuffy story!

(I also have a Faith figure. In shiny pants.)
Woo and hoo! for action figure Giles. It's okay that you feel 8. I felt a little silly when I got my picture of ASH that is now sitting on my monitor. I think a lot of people feel silly and a little child like when they get action figures. One of my friends got Wes and Angel and took pictures of the figures kissing, so you are at least a little more mature in you action figure glee.

I love my action figures. I have a Giles and a Buffy on my nightstand, and on top of the TV cabinet, I have Fiesta Giles and Bunny Suit Anya. Now if only I had a Lorne and a Wesley for him to call his own, I'd be all action figure blissful.

What do I love best about my Giles figures? The fact that ASH is so gleeful about being a choking hazard.
Oh my god, Fiesta Giles. I think that's better than Giles with a sword. No I'm not going to look at Ebay no I'm not going to look at Ebay no I'm not.

I confess I'm looking forward to the Band Candy Giles figure that's supposed to come out some time this year. Mmmmmmmm. T-shirt.

Here's a short shameful confession: I have watched exactly 2 episodes of AtS, the first two. I borrowed seasons 1 & 2 from a coworker, though. If I can wedge myself away from House & writing, I'll watch them some time soon.
I was in the dentist chair yesterday, watching the ceiling TV in attempts to distract myself from my usual urge to bolt the scene. I'd flicked through the channels and stopped at a British CSI/Coroner type show and whose face shows up but Tony Head's. He was just lovely, especially as he was a suspect. When he was being interrogated by the detective, he was all masterful intelligence, ironic quirks of the mouth, eyes alive with the pleasure of playing the game. God he's a lovely actor. So sexy.
The man just slaughters me, he's so handsome and so good at what he does. Giles and James of Manchild? So amazingly different. James' stupidity shines from the point right between his eyes. And Giles is so acute and focused in comparison. And then there's the Spooks role of Peter Salter, which was heartbreaking and intense.

He's fun in VR.5, which is torrentable if you haven't seen it.

I see the attraction of actors like James Marsters, who's gorgeous to look at and vivid on the screen. But I'm not sure Marsters has the same depth. (I just got his Millenium ep via Netflix, so I guess I'll see.) The other 2 Buffy actors who impressed me were SMG and Alyson Hannigan.
Oh and: I was also in the dentist's chair yesterday! Just for a routine cleaning and a lecture about flossing, as usual. I hope your visit was as boring as mine.

Ok, not really. I can't mock you while my Snape action figure stares at me. lol

And, OooOOooOooh, Band Candy Giles?? That one will be fantastic!
I looked at the picture of the action figure and thought the resemblance just wasn't there... But I'm glad it sort of works in person.

Great icon, too!
It requires a willingness to see a likeness. I haven't seen many action figures that really get these likenesses right; not sure why not.

The icon is one of a great set of Band Candy icons made by apreludetoanend.