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Wow, progress

I decided I was going to step away from the long Giles thing for a while. I did take a few days off from it. I responded to the allthejellies writing prompts as a bit of a vacation. (That was actually an exercise in high-speed fiction. I wrote a fast take on it in one hour, went to bed, woke up, and rewrote it entirely. Still sucks. For instance, I totally failed to get across the idea that the demon was attracted by lighter fluid fumes from somebody using too damn much. I was satisfied with the general success of the "use the opposite of the usual meaning for each word" approach, though.)

Anyway, a couple of days off turned out to be a good idea. By the end of this evening, I should have a complete first draft of part 2 of the long thing. I'll need to go back and tweak the prologue a bit to match the new ideas. But then I'll be ready to have it read by somebody. Maybe make secondalto suffer, because the rewrite is all. her. fault. Maybe beg on one of the mailing lists for a native Brit to read it for Giles voice.

Or maybe I'll bounce it off the husband first for pure fiction reaction. He doesn't give stories really thorough readings. And he never, ever words feedback with a eye toward softening the critical blows. Which I don't mind much; I know his goal is to improve the story. If there's a problem with having him read things, it's his rarely-hidden attitude that writing fanfic is a waste of my time. He does understand how fiction works, though.

[Edit] Wow, yeah, finished drafts of the first three parts.
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