Sorry, brain been eaten

By Frenzic. Don't worry. In a few days I will forcibly delete it from my Macs and my life will resume. (Ha! Right now I'm #2 on the global leaderboard. HA! Oh god, I might have to delete this today.)
I've seen the previews. If you think you're actually going to be able to delete it, think again. Face it -- you're doomed.
meh, vidaddiction. i've done my time in World of Warcraft - needed a 6-month enforced 'time out' but i'm better now! :nod: strive, young grasshopper, struggle to harness this dark force in you!

(jeez, i'm glad i'm pc-ish, or i'd be fussing to beat your hi-score)
Ha ha. Yup, no Mac here with which to become enslaved by evil game. Noticed you're very close to overtaking #1 spot. Should at least play till then...
Yeah, missed it by 80 points :) I notice I've slipped down to #3 while I was off doing other things. Have just been fine-tuning my strategy: is the approach to go for lots of single-color pies? or to distribute the pie pieces and just complete pies regardless? I think it has to be a two-phase approach.
Stop that! Stop pointing out megatimewasters to me! I need to write!!!!