Antenna (antennapedia) wrote,

Dear remixer

Just in case you look here. I hope you like Giles at least a bit, 'cause there's an awful lot of him in my stories. There's also some Xander and a bunch of Buffy and some Ethan, so maybe one of those guys clicks for you if the Watcherly one doesn't.

The link I gave you has all my stories in a neat & readable form. I'm afraid you don't have to go chasing anything across multiple LJ tags or through a grillion memories. There are truthfully a few more items stashed under my LJ 'fiction' tag that I haven't archived because they're not worth it. But hey! If one of them grabs your attention, go for it. I'm mellow. As far as I'm concerned, nothing's off limits.

Have fun! I bet I'll get a kick out of whatever you choose to do. I'm the one who's nervous here. Have you seen my assignment? Eep! Great writer! Prolific! Eep!
Tags: ficathon
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