Science scouts badges!

Science scouts badges! Which ones do you qualify for?

Me? Hmm, definitely freezing stuff up to level 3. Computer languages badge. Destroyer of quackery. I'm kinda lame otherwise: am a mathematician, not a scientist. And frankly, not much of a mathematician either. A mediocre hacker.
How on Earth do you find these websites? You're like an obsure website magnet! lol
The #1 secret of the entertaining blogger: have friends who feed you interesting links. It helps that you guys have almost intersection with my face-to-face friends, at least in general background & interests.
Ah yes, that would, of course, help immensely. I do enjoy the links to wierd places, so thanks!
Well, nemaihne knows me in real life, because she's married to the dude who used to be my boss. (And who was a coworker at a previous company!) But, hmm, otherwise? No overlap, because I kinda deliberately separated my fanficcy stuff from my RL stuff. And none of you are geeky programmers. Last discussion on my RL blog? All about whether programmers are motivated by the pleasure of writing code or the pleasure of solving problems.
I know you're working, so I'll tamp down the psych part of my brain that wants to ask about a dozen more questions, and stop pestering you.

I'm left wondering whether programmers have any interests other than programming, though. That seems like it'd be a dull life!
Well: programming is an obsession, but other interests my friends have: science of all kinds, music, motorcycles, gadgets, the Japanese language, birding, photography, herpetology, SF & fantasy, sailing.
I doubt T ever thought of himself as your boss except in the most absolutely technical of terms. Friend and co-worker is probably much more apt.
*nods* The only one of those interests I don't identify with on some level is motorcycles. Well, that and birding and herpetology, but I practically have those interests vicariously through friends and family who can be a bit...umm, over enthusiastic on those subjects, lol.
Hmm, let's see what I qualify for.

Open Flame, Sexing up Science, Frozen Stuff level 3, Respect Me - Upper Tier, Cloning, and Electrical Shock level 3. My I've had a sketchy past.
Hmm. I qualify for:

"Pretty confident around an open flame"

"Destroyer of Quackery"

"Will Gladly Kick Sexual Harasser's Ass"

"Has Frozen Stuff" Level 1

"Science With No Concievable Practical Application" - earned that one in a middle school science fair

"I Know What a Tadpole Is"

"Experience With Electrical Shock" Levels 1, 2 and 3 (zomg don't ask... there are reasons why I am the way I am)
The fulfillment of man's lunar destiny came first
I'm certain you also qualify for:

The "I'm a freaking rock star who sings about science!" badge.

Whereas, someone you know might qualify for:

The "experienced with electrical shock" badge (LEVEL III)

The "have used a dental drill and I've never been a dentist" badge

The "I know what a tadpole is" badge. (You think you qualify? quick: toad or frog?)

The "I've done science with no concievable practical application" badge.

The "I will crush you with my math prowess" badge.

The "dodger of monkey shit" badge.

The "I bet I know more computer languages than you, and I'm not afraid to talk about it" badge.

The "has frozen stuff just to see what happens" badge (LEVEL III) (In which the recipient has frozen something in liquid nitrogen for the sake of scientific curiosity. I'm trusting that liquid oxygen counts)

The "I've touched human internal organs with my own hands" badge. (it doesn't say: "someone else's")

The "I can be a prick when it comes to science" badge.

The "my degree inadvertantly makes me competent in fixing household appliances" badge. (technically: no degree, but the assumption remains)

The "destroyer of quackery" badge.

The "inappropriate nocturnal use of lab equipment in the name of alternative science experimentation / communication" badge. (and also: blowing shit up)

The "I'm pretty confident around an open flame" badge. (I'm actually pretty fond of reshaping Pyrex/glass)

The "arts and crafts" badge.
Re: The fulfillment of man's lunar destiny came first
Heh. yeah, I'll concede your point about the music about science, if using sampled speech in music counts.