in progress...

Most of the drabble prompts turned into one slightly longer B/G story. Which I am typing at madly. At least two of them will be their own little thingies, however. Look for them today!

Would you like me to send Giles? He has no other plans tonight, since it's D&D night and his wounded Dwarf turned into a dead Dwarf last time we played. He says he's willing to miss a night of scintillating dice fun in order to help you out. ^_^
Hey you! I'm doing lots better, thanks. Better enough that I'm getting dressed to go into work. Have been watching the work email and fielding easy questions while I was bedridden, and now that I'm not going to drip post-nasally all over my coworkers, time to go in.

This will slow down the story production, however. Curse the need to make a living!