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Special offer! One day only!

Thank you all for your lovely valentines! I would say I'm sniffling with sentiment, but that would be a lie. I'm sniffling with virus. But nonetheless moved. So! For today only:

Drabbles in response to your prompts. Giles-related, please. (I could try Holmes & Watson. Huh.)

Keep in mind I've never managed to write an actual drabble in my life. But sometimes the 22K-word-long responses to these prompts work out well! If these turn out extra-surreal, well, blame the cold medicine I haven't taken.

ETA: Bwahahaha(h)! Okay.
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OK, let me think of something different and head-exploding challenging.

Giles and tamales
How about something where Giles offers to legally change his first name to Giles because that's what his lover called out during sex? That's what s/he will call hime, right? Might as well make it his name.
Giles publicly deriding the commercialization of Valentines Day then privately being a sap about it to his significant other.
Too good to pass up an offer like this!

Giles, Buffy, making the bed.
I am warning you now that the image that came to mind is the scene in The Pink Panther where Capucine has hidden a champagne bottle in bed, and it pops just as Peter Sellers is getting all fired up...
I'm down with something silly and not as sexy as might be expected. Sometimes it's the really, really unexpected answers that are the most fun.
Giles, Buffy and a secret. Porn is encouraged but not required. T&Pverse is also encouraged but not required. ^_^
Hmm, I dunno if I can work this into the mega-drabble-ficlet-story thing that all the other prompts are becoming. If not, separate drabble!
Huh - hope this isn't posted twice but I think LJ ate the first copy.

Giles introduces Buffy, or all the scoobies if you prefer, to the original Sherlock Holmes stories.
Happy valentine's day!

Do I still get a prompt if I didn't send a valentine?

You know what pairing I want, right? *cough* *points to icon* Anytime post-The Dark Age. Maybe a missing scene? Or even AU, if so inclined.

If you need a more specific prompt: Shiva (the Hindu god, which performs it's dance of destruction and chaos - the rejuvenating kind - while standing on the dwarf of ignorance and dichotomy, thereby supressing it) Giles has a statuette of it on his desk in the library. Actually, if you want to do something that's not G/J, but has to do with Shiva, that would be cool too. I always thought it was one of the more interesting set details and was surprised that no one's ever picked up on it (in contrast with how fic writers have picked up on Giles' ring, for example). I've been trying to come up with ideas myself for a fic, and have thus far drawn a blank.
Giles/Jenny, Shiva statuette, check! In the queue you go.

I have actually used that detail: the statue appears in Giles' flat in Bath in "Breathing". I love looking at screenshots of Giles' library office in the early seasons. Lots of neato stuff there. Like newspaper clippings about yoga.
No prompt from me, since you seem to have enough already, just a hug and a freedom from sniffles wish. :)