Several minor announcements

At the moment I have run out of House, so I'm writing. Fairly steadily, for a woman with a bad cold and a head full of Sudafed.

Part 2 of T&P: 17K words at the moment. I am estimating 30K by the time I'm finished.

My current inspire-me desktop is Wicked Fox's Crow/Tony manip on a grungy background with a fragment of a New Order lyric. My wallpaper is not great graphic design, but I like looking at it because I have contracted a bad case of lust for that chest. And that particular sulky ASH face has come to represent the Giles of T&P to me. This one also works, because of the glare and the earring. Imagine him staring the Council puppy down like that.

Dear fanfic writers: you all want to write House/Wilson, but sorry, you're inventing that subtext. Straight, straight, straight. It's House/Cuddy that has all the chemistry. Except that I would so ship House/Cameron in a doomed sort of way. (Please keep in mind that I haven't yet seen all of season 1.)

All the House fanfic I've looked at thus far has been dreadful. As I said to Glim last night, apparently I am not a sucker for any fanfic cliche if Giles is not involved. Also, I cannot get past bad writing if Giles is not involved. (I begin to wonder if Giles attracts a certain sort of fan with a certain sort of approach to fiction that is more likely to make me happy than, er, other stuff.)

This season 1 ball-busting administrator plot arc is stupid. Stupid, stupid. An artificial attempt to create drama.

My BPAL bath bombs arrived, but since I can't smell anything at all I haven't tried them out.
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I had no clue BPAL made bath bombs. I really need to start more ordering...I'm still kinda...overwhelmed by them, tho', lol.

FizzyBOOMs! Yeah, I get the overwhelmed thing. I flailed around a bunch until I accidentally tried a few scents I liked a lot. Then I had some idea about directions to explore.
Did you get the "oof" one? It's supposed to help with sinus issues. (My guess would be there's some eucalyptus or menthol in there.)
I got Detox, Quietude, and TKO. The TKO is backordered. I ordered 'em at the beginning of the month along with the Valentine's Day inquisition shirt. I told them that D calls me "mookie" and they sent me a Agony shirt with the "Longing" scent. Which I can't smell at all. Sigh.

They're huge, btw. Was thinking of trying to split one.
I've had good luck tapping around the seam of (round) Lush bath bombs with the nail-pulling end of a hammer to split them in half.
>I told them that D calls me "mookie" and they sent me a Agony shirt

THAT is awesome...
BTW, you should have your imp of Jazz Funeral now. My husband says he gave it to your husband days ago.
I've never had the desire to go out seeking House fanfic for any pairing. I think my love of the show is just because of the character. I can't really see him paired with any of the others.

I agree there's not a big House/Wilson vibe. I can't even really see House/Cameron since he catches on to her "crush" and when he mocks her for it, you can tell means it and it's not just him trying not deal with his feelings for her.

The writers cater to all the pairings, though. I started noticing it in more recent episodes that in each episode there are 'ship scenes for each of the pairings. A bit cheesy, but nice of them to throw the fans a bone.
I can't comment on the House fic as I'm not a fan. a rule, Giles fanfic probably has more mature writers than other fanfics, because while Giles is Hot, he isn't obvious. I've been reading some Stargate SG1 fic and it's all about how beautiful Daniel is. Pah! Pretty boy. Giles has substance, Giles is intelligent, Giles is mature. You have to be a grown-up to appreciate him because he's more than just a pretty face.
Giles: my husband's age in season 1 (more or less).
Giles: smart.
Giles: well-educated.
Giles: complex.
Giles: lovely voice.
Giles: handsome, not pretty.
Giles: mild, but can explode into violence when necessary.

Giles: pushes all of my damn buttons.
I agree that there's House/Cuddy chemistry, but I see the House/Wilson subtext as well. My mother one time, while watching the show, turned to me and said (about House and Wilson), "Are they dating?" And I said, "Only in many people's dreams."

If my mother can see it, y'know it's there somewhere.

But I agree about Vogel. Unfortunately (and I haven't seen hardly any of S2), but I think this is a pattern with the writers. They're good at characters, bad at plot.
I definitely see the strong & lasting friendship there. It doesn't read slashy to me. (I can read Kirk/Spock as slashy, no problem. Ethan and Giles? Good lord. Smacked me in the face. But I do not watch television with slash goggles on, mostly.) Maybe it develops?

I would just like some kind of plausbility. Some kind of indication that they know what's involved in actual hospital administration. 'Cause that entire plotline reads implausible to me.
I haven't tried copperbadge's stuff yet. I am aware I've looked at one tenth of one percent of what's no doubt out there-- I ran down the list of crack_van recs, reading the first paragraph of each, until I could stand no more.

I also think I'm gonna hold off until I've seen more of the show. There is already spoilage.