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Several minor announcements

At the moment I have run out of House, so I'm writing. Fairly steadily, for a woman with a bad cold and a head full of Sudafed.

Part 2 of T&P: 17K words at the moment. I am estimating 30K by the time I'm finished.

My current inspire-me desktop is Wicked Fox's Crow/Tony manip on a grungy background with a fragment of a New Order lyric. My wallpaper is not great graphic design, but I like looking at it because I have contracted a bad case of lust for that chest. And that particular sulky ASH face has come to represent the Giles of T&P to me. This one also works, because of the glare and the earring. Imagine him staring the Council puppy down like that.

Dear fanfic writers: you all want to write House/Wilson, but sorry, you're inventing that subtext. Straight, straight, straight. It's House/Cuddy that has all the chemistry. Except that I would so ship House/Cameron in a doomed sort of way. (Please keep in mind that I haven't yet seen all of season 1.)

All the House fanfic I've looked at thus far has been dreadful. As I said to Glim last night, apparently I am not a sucker for any fanfic cliche if Giles is not involved. Also, I cannot get past bad writing if Giles is not involved. (I begin to wonder if Giles attracts a certain sort of fan with a certain sort of approach to fiction that is more likely to make me happy than, er, other stuff.)

This season 1 ball-busting administrator plot arc is stupid. Stupid, stupid. An artificial attempt to create drama.

My BPAL bath bombs arrived, but since I can't smell anything at all I haven't tried them out.
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