Bleah. Triple bleah.

The cold is worse this morning. Bleah. You know the drill: suck down the orange juice, blow the nose, wait it out because there's nothing else to do with rhinoviruses.

Haven't watched Heroes because my husband is behind on it. And he wanted to watch more House with me. So that's what we did last night. I will run out today. Netflix should be sending more to me soon. Still very much enjoying it. I was thinking that ensemble television shows need a long stretch of operating in their formulas to establish the characters, settle the actors in, settle the writers in. Establish a ground, then vary from it in a longer arc. I'll chew on this theory for a while.

Started writing new material for T&P part 2 last night. I'll just plug away at that today in between naps.

Hope you all are well, particularly those of you in snow & ice territory. It's been a dry winter for us here in California. A little chilly at times, but sunny.

And for your morning dose of post-"Becoming" angst, you must all go read penwiper26's "Unfinished".
(pets you)

Feel better soon.

I didn't know you were in California, too! What part?
Northern CA, San Francisco peninsula. Just another pair of Silicon Valley programmers here, geeking our way through life. And you?
I very much enjoyed it. Thank you! "Enjoyed" is an odd word to use, isn't it? I "enjoyed" being taken from one emotional state to another, though the resulting state is kinda blue.

Should I stick it up on the Rupertus Domesticus list, btw?

Mr Pedia has just tried it. "Huh, it works! I wiggled it!"
Sorry you're feeling poorly. Bad germs!

And hey, I've got masses of family in Marin and am out there every year.
Nothing like the cold that outstays its welcome. [sigh]

[tops up your orange juice]
*mutter mutter* At least I have small cute animals all over the place. There are three within petting distance.