Giles/Buffy library

*honk* blows nose

Home with a cold. It's just a cold, which means a couple of days of nose-blowing and minor bleah. Nothing big. I am in bed with the cats. Later I'll move to the couch and be surrounded by small dogs.

Watched more House last night with Mr Pedia. He laughed and laughed. Especially when House said the kind of thing Mr P is known for saying. I'm afraid this is going to encourage him, though.

APOD has been neat the last couple of days: plume on Io and comet over New Zealand. Definitely take a look at that comet photo! McNaught developed a huge tail.

And now... I tinker with some 2nd season demon ideas! I think I'm going to sit Giles down in the library with a cup of tea and see what walks in to talk to him.
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I am perforce resting: there is a pet sprawled across my chest, pinning me down. This pet has decided to fall asleep and dream, so there are twitching paws and odd noisese. Probably it dreams of hunting rhinoceros.
My beloved pet -- all 65 ungainly pounds of him -- just knocked the modem plug out of the outlet when I was 10 mins away from completing a 4 hour download.

not his fault, no, but GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!
You seem to be getting a lot of virtual tea.... [sends more, with tissues]
Mmmmm, tea. Just the thing for the throat.

And I am scared to contemplate what Cuddy would do. I just watched her snip off an intern's tie with scissors!
I say pfffffft to tea - drink hot cocoa and eat brownies!

And once you're flying on a chocolate high, check out these pictures of Comet McNaught. I'm staring you off in the middle of the gallery, if you browse through all the pictures you'll be entertained for a good long while. And then it will be time for more chocolate, which cures all ills!
I am being well cared-for by diligent Nurse Mina-Kitten, who feels that this is an opportunity to sleep sprawled across me. Getting out of bed? not an option with Nurse Mina on the job.