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Sunday update

I am hopping among three stories depending on my mood: the detailed outline for T&P part 2, "Blackmail", and the NaNoWriMo project. The two longer pieces need planning, not writing, so I switch to the short smutty thing when I want to spew words at the screen.

I'm going to have to switch modes to my tenyearsofbuffy ficathon story, though. And soon. The prompt there is Old-School Scoobies, library, tea, dust, demon. So I am thinking a traditional hunt the demon tale, set in Season 2 just after "The Dark Age". Giles' point of view. Buffy & Angel at a high point, Giles pining for Jenny, Xander and Willow not yet hoooked up with other people. A nice stable platform for a Monster of the Week story. Now I just have to invent a monster.

I also spent several hours adding features to my BPAL tracking app on both days this weekend. Scent data is now up to date, and there's a for-trade feature. Among a hundred other small improvements. I own too much BPAL. I need to start giving it away. I own three bottles that I bought as presents for people then for some reason failed to give away. How did I manage to forget that?

Was thinking in general this weekend that I need to lighten my karmic load. Or whatever the jargon is. Own less stuff. Give it away, sell it, whatever. Just so I'm less tied down by it. Music gear, for instance. I should sell it all. Everything I own. That would feel better.

Hmm. I'll keep the pets.

I seem to have come down with a cold, which probably explains my depression yesterday. And the unwillingness to get out of bed. Strangely, despite the stuffy head and achy body today, I'm more active.
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