The unconscious always wins

Mr Pedia said something to me a while back about writing being too difficult to entrust to the conscious mind.

I've realized, after several unproductive days, that what my unconscious really wants to work on right now is the NaNo Watcher-Slayer bond story. Not tagfic, not T&P, not various challenges, not ficathons, not nuffin but the story of Giles finally coming into his power and kicking Council ass. Um, to put it in the crudest Hollywood action film terms.

It's at 54K words now. I think I will make it a goal to reach 60K words this week and see how I feel about concentrating on this project for a while. It needs a title so darn badly. And it's so far from being done. Oh well. One scene at a time.
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Eh, right what you want. It's better that way anyway.

Thank you for the flowers, that was really nice to wake up to. As opposed to, you know, actually waking up.
After rereading my comment, you can tell how barely awake I actually was. Shame on me! I should know the difference between right and write. And and balloons.