Antenna (antennapedia) wrote,

FYI: ten stories about cooking

The Rupertus Domesticus ficathon now has ten stories about Giles bashing potatoes. Or making tea. Or making cocoa. Or pancakes. Or just generally being handy. In case you missed one:

Rupertus Domesticus Sightings
empressvesica: The Morning After the Night Before - Faith/Giles implied, FRT
empressvesica: Giles, In His Kitchen, With a Potato Masher - Faith/Giles, FRT
Lori aka ljs: "The Art of Tea" - Giles/Anya, AU Season Seven (diverging from canon after "Showtime"), FRM
glimmergirl: Paterfamilias - Giles/Wesley, FRC
blueanddollsome: Four Things That Never Happened to Giles in a Kitchen, and One That Might've - Giles/Jenny, Willow, FRT
alexao: Daily Bread - genfic, FRT
allyndra: The Whole Day Down - Giles/Xander, FRT
antennapedia: Gas-ring Alchemy - Giles/Ethan, FRM
antennapedia: Risotto - Giles/Xander, FRT
raysgal: Cooking With Rupert - Giles/Buffy-ish, FRT
Tags: ficathon

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