oh dear

Dreams are getting weird

Last night's dreams? Giles and Faith. And a war waged with P51 Mustangs and Sherman tanks. In the middle of which there was a digression to Cambridge, England, and a group of Lewis Carroll-inspired civic statuary. To which Giles said, very mildly, "I'm dreadfully sorry, but wasn't he a don at Oxford?" And Faith gave him this look.

And now I pretty much have to do laundry or else.

Am mildly stuck in the forest temple. I think I need to improve my bomb-throwing skills to move on. Sigh.
And Faith gave him this look.

Mmm, Giles and Faith...
I really can see that as a fic of some sort. Now all I keep thinking is, "This could be a ficathon..."

Dream Ficathon!
All entries must be based on an actual dream experienced by the author. Author must include as detailed a description of the original dream as possible. No other rules appy....

Yeah, ok, I'll shut up now. lol
Good lord! I think some of those stories would be scary. Most of mine would be boring. "We rode on the subway and missed our stop and then there was a big crowd of shoppers and then suddenly we were all at my grandparent's place and late for a test."