A whole buncha icons

Lots of Giles icons! I've been continuing to make them for various contests, with mixed results. Some are gorgeous (see icon with this post); some are fugly and I don't know what I was thinking. Sometimes I like the ones the contest voters don't. E.g, these:

My Photoshop chops have definitely improved. For instance, I now know several ways to lighten dark, crappy screenshots. And I can do that cartooning effect thing. And I am slooowly learning what to do with text. I'm having a bit of a Gill Sans fling at the moment. Also, pastel colors.
Fear the chin was entirely too awesome not to take...and there are a couple more that I'm certainly not going to mind having around. ; )

Sigh. I'm going to have to do some changing around on my icons. I need room for more icons, I'm such an icon ho.
Oooh, I needed a Giles icon for my reccing, thanks! Grabbing the storyteller one, it seemed appropriate.
Nice! I like the ones of the younger ASH. He was so cute and pretty. He's still good looking of course, but he used to be so pretty...


Okay. Back now.

Gill Sans rocks!
I'm a huge fan of his books on information design, Visual Explanations in particular. I attended one of his seminars in December-- he was pretty entertaining and persuasive. And it was WAY COOL to see Galileo's book in person. He uses some of Galileo's drawings from that book as early examples of good information design, and integrating small diagrams into text.