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Oh noes! what ever shall I write next?

Pending story obligations:
- tagfic for secondalto
- ficathon story (blue, silver, g/b, New Year's)
- tenyearsofbuffy story (library, tea, dust, demon, with Scoobies)

It's about time for me to find a story idea for library/tea/dust/demon, in fact. I think I'll go for an early 2nd season setting for it. Maybe just after The Dark Age.

I also need to get kicking if I'm going to follow through on my threat to run a Pregnant Giles Ficathon for the end of March. Since, you know, the fandom has exactly one such story that I could find, and therefore needs a lot more. For sufficiently small values of "need".

After those obligations, the story list looks pretty much like it did for the last poll, minus two items. I'm not yet sure which will grab me next. I might try to push through and finish Ars Draconis. Or I might need to write crack!fic T&P.

I have been working on the NaNoWriMo Giles/Buffy thing steadily behind the scenes, but that's a long way away from finished. And it skips around a lot: I have been writing it from the inside out. So it's not easily turned into something I can serialize. I might have to take another month off from all other writing to push for a complete draft. That story... it's going to turn out to be more indulgence!ficcy than T&P is, you know? Because I overcompensate for the cracky nature of T&P's premise by being very strict with myself about story construction issues. Sigh.

Hmm, then there's this meme:

My Valentinr - antenna
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