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Oh noes! what ever shall I write next?

Pending story obligations:
- tagfic for secondalto
- ficathon story (blue, silver, g/b, New Year's)
- tenyearsofbuffy story (library, tea, dust, demon, with Scoobies)

It's about time for me to find a story idea for library/tea/dust/demon, in fact. I think I'll go for an early 2nd season setting for it. Maybe just after The Dark Age.

I also need to get kicking if I'm going to follow through on my threat to run a Pregnant Giles Ficathon for the end of March. Since, you know, the fandom has exactly one such story that I could find, and therefore needs a lot more. For sufficiently small values of "need".

After those obligations, the story list looks pretty much like it did for the last poll, minus two items. I'm not yet sure which will grab me next. I might try to push through and finish Ars Draconis. Or I might need to write crack!fic T&P.

I have been working on the NaNoWriMo Giles/Buffy thing steadily behind the scenes, but that's a long way away from finished. And it skips around a lot: I have been writing it from the inside out. So it's not easily turned into something I can serialize. I might have to take another month off from all other writing to push for a complete draft. That story... it's going to turn out to be more indulgence!ficcy than T&P is, you know? Because I overcompensate for the cracky nature of T&P's premise by being very strict with myself about story construction issues. Sigh.

Hmm, then there's this meme:

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I must admit to being intrigued with the Tarot concept. I'd love to see a good fic around that idea.

OTOH, I think I'd happily read just about anything you feel like writing.
You make me a happy camper. Tarot story, hmm. I had a plotting block with it. Perhaps I will re-read what I have and see what kicks at me. One of the things I liked about that story was that the tone was like the show's tone: comedic, with darker threads.
I've been thinking on and off about the mpreg story. I don't think a body switch would count. It would be almost like cheating. And who would I get to knock Giles up? Buffy or Xander cause both have interesting implications. Lots to ponder.
Sufficiently small values of 'need'
I have read the one mpreg story that's out there and I really, really disliked it. So that variable for me is, as a mathematician would say "trivial." Of course most math/physics types I know [a disproportionately large number of them given their scarcity in the population as a whole] divide things into "non-trivial" and "trivial." The first covers everything from the relentless driving urge to ingest one's caffeinated beverage of choice upon waking lest one implode to the size of Jupiter in relation to, say, a fruitcake. A pretty wide range there. Which means that "trivial" is something so very small it does not bear mentioning except that it might, perhaps, exist, but not in the nifty way of a charmed quark [also very small, but in a non-trivial way].

The one single time that I have loved mpreg stories was in a narrative detail in Sherry Tepper's marvelous book _The Fresco_ when visiting aliens gave Earth a civilizing makeover which included taking all the conservative anti-choice politicians and making them pregnant. At once. From illicit affairs which they were already prone to having. They all, to a man, wanted abortions, but the laws they had forced through made this impossible. Furthermore, the species that impregnated them was a icneuman wasp-like being where the larvae ate the host from the inside out unless the host received significant supportive care from the mother species. Terminating the pregnancy would kill the host. So all these miffed, weepy, morning sick males who had to pee every 32 minutes got packed off to the wasp world for the duration of their pregnancies, knowing that some of them wouldn't survive because birth is dangerous and that birth itself would hurt like hell. I LOVED it. *ahem*

But I also love Giles. And I get very jittery when someone takes something so fundamentally canon [he's male, and not a seahorse] and does something so hugely unlikely. There aren't many writers who can pull that off in a way that I find worth reading and my list of kinks-I-avoid is pretty short. Usually I avoid them because the kink drives the story, not the other way around, and that makes for bad stories. So Giles in an mpreg would be a huge challenge.
Oh, and the what to write question: I'd like s'more "Ars Draconis," please, ma'am, although I would happily take another installment of T&P.

I'm not sure I understand what you mean by crack!fic. Just curious.

And as for indulgence fic: you write best what you most love to write. How lucky we are that you share your indulgences with us. Just as an observation, you are the most highly structured writer I have ever met, and I know a LOT of writers. Published novelists and poets; very focused people, but with you it's like katas at the keyboard. Wow. And charts and schedules and outlines. I am mightily impressed and even awed. [I'm even odd, too, but that's unrelated to this topic.]
See, a year ago I would have said "crack fic? what does that mean?" and scurried off to look it up. See how far I have come!

The Fanfiction Glossary says: A fanfic whose concept is so out there, one wonders what the author was snorting when they wrote. Sometimes deliberate, sometimes just WTF?

I am thinking that structure, which was a weak point when I started this kerfluffle, is now something I can allow to seep into my unconscious. I suspect it's something my math-trained brain is good at. I need to continue to work on turning up the conflict to 11 until I show signs of having a clue there.