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Heroes, "The Fix"

Better than last week's: less time spent on reacquainting the viewer with past storylines, more time spent advancing the story.

Niki/Jessica: boring. Has been boring for three episodes now. Either do something new or cut the screen time, okay?

Micah: sure, okay, develop the character. His whiny dad sort of annoys me. I think whiny, helpless characters annoy me, which is likely why the Niki storyline is palling.

Peter + Eccles: yes, please!

Jutting-jaw flying man (whoosh): I'm patiently waiting for his next story point.

Telepathic cop: likable everyman, so, hey, I am rooting for him.

Hiro: continues to be why I'm watching, really.

Claire: So long as she continues to be shown using my device, I love love love her! No, uh, really, I like her, and am waiting with great anticipation for the confrontation with HRG that must be impending. Mmm, tasty conflict.

HRG: enjoyably ambiguous. I can admire his determination to do whatever he must to protect his adoptive daughter, while being chilled by his attitude toward the rest of the never-call-them-mutants. He's key to the overall conspiracy, and holds many secrets, so hey, important character.

Sylar: great cliffhanger, dude!
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