Heroes, "The Fix"

Better than last week's: less time spent on reacquainting the viewer with past storylines, more time spent advancing the story.

Niki/Jessica: boring. Has been boring for three episodes now. Either do something new or cut the screen time, okay?

Micah: sure, okay, develop the character. His whiny dad sort of annoys me. I think whiny, helpless characters annoy me, which is likely why the Niki storyline is palling.

Peter + Eccles: yes, please!

Jutting-jaw flying man (whoosh): I'm patiently waiting for his next story point.

Telepathic cop: likable everyman, so, hey, I am rooting for him.

Hiro: continues to be why I'm watching, really.

Claire: So long as she continues to be shown using my device, I love love love her! No, uh, really, I like her, and am waiting with great anticipation for the confrontation with HRG that must be impending. Mmm, tasty conflict.

HRG: enjoyably ambiguous. I can admire his determination to do whatever he must to protect his adoptive daughter, while being chilled by his attitude toward the rest of the never-call-them-mutants. He's key to the overall conspiracy, and holds many secrets, so hey, important character.

Sylar: great cliffhanger, dude!
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I agree with everything you just said, except for the cop, he's starting to bore me too.

Spent all morning reading spoilers, have you seen them and/or want to know about them?
Naw, don't spoil me, please. I'm just going to enjoy the ride on this series. Well, you can tell me one thing: is it cool?
Well, there's lots of spoilers. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for one of them to be cool.

As for the's about who they cast to play Linderman and to me it's very cool.
Malcolm MacDowell!

Sorry it took so long to reply, I left for work before I got your message.