Archive sites

By request, a short list of Giles fiction archives, along with some pointers to other lists of archives.

Corrections, additions, comments all welcome. I'm not aiming to be comprehensive, just good enough to give somebody a great start at finding Giles fanfic.

I mined my own bookmarks for this. Many had already bitrotted, and they're only a year old at most. There used to be a Giles/Ethan archive. Grumble.
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One small correction: the GRB is not specifically affiliated with the ODD archive. I admire Dusty's work and love her archive, but it's just for the ODD list, not mine. Excellent archive; everyone should go check it out.

Also, there's a lot more to I'd Like To Test That Theory than just the archive! There are essays, resources for Giles writers, beta readers, screen caps, and more. Come for the fics, stay for the insightful (or is that inciteful?) extras.

And now if you're not entirely sick of me putting my oar in, I'd also like to note that I have a personal archive called Wench's Tavern:

It's not all Giles, but it's at least 95% Giles-centric, and about 90% of that is B/G...but I've got some other goodies, too, including G/Wesley, G/Spike, G/Cordelia, Giles/Scoobygang/Fang Gang Orgyfic, and genfic. Oh, and one, lonely Stargate SG-1 slashfic.

And now I'll go and leave you alone.
bwahahah! i agree 100% with you about the List's formatting. It makes me ill. Sadly, there's a bunch of stuff on it I like to read.

Can't think of anything at the moment, but will pull the list of my bookmarks at some point and compare. It's a good idea, regardless!
Do you know about bookmarklets? You can bookmark little javascripts to do various useful things. That link points to a bunch of annoyance-zapping bookmarklets, including "zap colors". Completely freakin' invaluable when reading fan sites with busy backgrounds and illegible text.
I did not know about bookmarklets but those are FANTASTIC! thank you so much for them. I felt utterly blissful last night as I read some things that I've shied away from because I can't stand the formatting. Thank you lady!
I added a link to that one as well. I think you're the only site I know that has "Baby Love", one of my very favorite "Scoobies turned to toddlers" stories.