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Mailing lists, ficspam, and archives

When I first started reading Buffy fanfiction, I systematically trolled through Of Demons & Destiny. Then I discovered Riposte and a slightly different set of stories. Then later, Headquarters. Then even later, pairing-specific archives like No One Knows. If a story wasn't in one of those places, it might as well have not existed for me.

Then I joined mailing lists and was consternated to see no activity. Had Buffy fandom died? No, not at all: during the years when I wasn't involved in fandom at all, it moved to LiveJournal. I plugged myself into the LJ community, and that seems to have gone fairly well.

The problem with LJ is that it's a terrible way to archive & find fiction. The daily mumble-watching newsletters are good at collecting pointers, but they're not archives. People flock stories (boggle), delete their journals, get bored, etc etc. Stable archives are the heart of fandom, I think. Writers whose stories are exclusively on LJ are writers who are difficult to find.

I was one of those until recently. Now I'm on Headquarters, and I put up some old-fashioned static pages as well.

So archives: love. Mailing lists: still the entry point to the archives. I'm on all the mailing lists, and I mostly see the same stories crossposted to them all. Which I don't mind, because I'd rather see a story three times than not at all. And ODD is still the best place to find stories. Maybe I should do the same. Except I have quite a backlog now.

Down to the question: ficspam GRB with a story a day until the readers hate me? A story a week? Don't bother because HQ is good enough?
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