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Mailing lists, ficspam, and archives

When I first started reading Buffy fanfiction, I systematically trolled through Of Demons & Destiny. Then I discovered Riposte and a slightly different set of stories. Then later, Headquarters. Then even later, pairing-specific archives like No One Knows. If a story wasn't in one of those places, it might as well have not existed for me.

Then I joined mailing lists and was consternated to see no activity. Had Buffy fandom died? No, not at all: during the years when I wasn't involved in fandom at all, it moved to LiveJournal. I plugged myself into the LJ community, and that seems to have gone fairly well.

The problem with LJ is that it's a terrible way to archive & find fiction. The daily mumble-watching newsletters are good at collecting pointers, but they're not archives. People flock stories (boggle), delete their journals, get bored, etc etc. Stable archives are the heart of fandom, I think. Writers whose stories are exclusively on LJ are writers who are difficult to find.

I was one of those until recently. Now I'm on Headquarters, and I put up some old-fashioned static pages as well.

So archives: love. Mailing lists: still the entry point to the archives. I'm on all the mailing lists, and I mostly see the same stories crossposted to them all. Which I don't mind, because I'd rather see a story three times than not at all. And ODD is still the best place to find stories. Maybe I should do the same. Except I have quite a backlog now.

Down to the question: ficspam GRB with a story a day until the readers hate me? A story a week? Don't bother because HQ is good enough?
Hmm. This suggests to me that one service I can do Giles fandom (or even Buffy fandom, if I feel like I have too much life and need to trim it down a little) is to compile a list of archive sites.
I watch a lot of the lists too, and I don't think people would mind getting a bunch of stories, even if some have seen them here. Although if they've seen them already, I'd imagine there'd be less feedback.
Feedback. I learn not to depend on it, slowly, slowly! It's looking like the consensus is to ficspam, in a mild way.
I say ficspam away. GRB and other Giles groups is where I got my start. I kind of had the opposite feeling. When I came to LJ I had already put out at least eight or so stories out to the groups before I put them up at my LJ. I think you could get some new feedback, as some people still aren't on LJ. And you are right that they are a good place for archiving. I have pages at both Riposte and ODD. Have you ever considered BFA? Not as much feedback (hardly any actually), but a fairly stable archive.
Huh! I hadn't known about BFA. Duh. It looks useful. And it looks as if they did a thorough job with the posting interface. Thanks for the pointer!

I'll check it out. Also I will start a very mild slow-motion ficspam of the GRB.
Ficspam!! The GRB is the most awesome Giles list *ever*, and I know gileswench will love the activity. ;) Also, you write a great variety of Giles pairings (well, three that I know of, but that's already more variety than pretty much everyone else on that list ;) and I know she loves that a lot.

And ficspam is *always* fun for feedback. :D I'd say a story a day, and for the stories in two parts (like your Giles/Ethan for example) then one part a day... you'll have enough to last you a while. ;)

But that's just IMHO. :D

(I haven't finished reading Risotto and The Complete Set, yet, but when I'm done, I will feedback, and may I please archive them too? I love Cloud Animals so much, and I don't want it to be lonely or anything ;) *pets shiny stories*)
As the proud listmommy of the GRB, WatcherGirls, and TogetherBG, I say POST! POST! POST! We don't get enough fic, and we don't get enough variety of pairings (on the lists that are for multiple pairings), so hit me with a story every freaking day and I'll do Snoopy dances! If you have non-Giles pairings you don't know where to post, contact me and I'll give you the names of several yahoogroups that do any and/or every pairing under the sun...or the moon.

Oh, and one advantage to posting on my lists: I'm one of the co-owners of I'd Like To Test That Theory, the Giles character zone of the BtVS Writers' Guild. If I see a story on the GRB, it's more likely to get looked at for inclusion in the archive there. Hint, hint.

(looks guiltily at backlog of fic to sort through...decides to work on it tomorrow, but only because I've got so many things I have to do today)

So yes, anyone reading this who has Giles stories to tell, I'd love to see them on the GRB, WatcherGirls, and (if they're B/G - including B/G friendship) TogetherBG. Hell! The only things I don't allow are: graphic sex involving characters under the age of 18 and including the actors themselves in romantic/sexual situations. Drabbles, sagas, genfic, orgies, OTP, angst, fluff, schmoop, songfic, ABHs, pastfic, futurefic, sillyfic...I don't care. Just get posting, dammit!

Ohhh post away! And if you could add the Tweedy list to the places you'll post your fic to then I'll be a happy bunny!

Posting to ODD et al
I don't know if Dusty is still actively maintaining ODD. The last updates are, I think, over a year old -- I'll admit I haven't checked in some time. Before you bury her in an avalanche of luscious fictional chocolate nummies, you might want to see if she's actually still "there". It is one of the finest archive sites anywhere. Riposte is nice, too, but a *grrngh* pain to navigate. But definitely whap GRB and TBG and Watchergirls with all your magnificence. It will jar some those who write well to get some of their own stuff up [hope, hope, hope] out of LJ oblivion. Perhaps the respective Listmums could suggest that very thing? This is such a crucial issue for we the Giles fic addicted. [okay, time to figure out "We who are about to read salute you" in Latin. Oy.]
Re: Posting to ODD et al
Check it! ODD was last updated on Jan 18. Of this year. LJ is great for the conversations, but not so great for the finding things.

Haven't heard from you in a while! Hope all the critters-- human, rodent, avian, and equine-- are thriving in their new space.
Ficspam, by all means. That's how I found you, after all, and decided to come out to Live Journal and join in the fun. Others might, too. Once a week should be plenty, though, I would think. Give people a chance to read and savor one before the next one hits.

I guess I should follow your example again and put "Summer" up at Headquarters, too. In my infinite spare time of course.


HeadQuarters was pretty easy to use. I picked it because at the time, neither Riposte nor ODD had updated in ages, and I worried that they were dead. HQ at least gave me full control.

Ugh. I need a nap. It's only 2pm and I need a nap.
Also if you know the name of the story you are looking for from the old buffygiles.com, supermom20 and I have, between the two of us, almost the entire archive saved. Some of it I think was lost and unable to be retrieved from the Wayback Machine, but I think we have 99.9% of it.
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