Remix Redux

Eep! I have signed up for this year's remixredux. This is a ficathon where you get assigned another writer. You troll through their stories, pick one, then rewrite it/remix it/do horrible things to it. Meanwhile, somebody else does this to you. Seems like it would be neat to try! So I am trying it.
I did something similar once with one of secondalto's stories. She'd written third-person with Buffy's POV. I turned it around and wrote first-person with Giles' POV. It was fun.

Have fun with this!

Oh, I'll also make you the same offer I've made to others in the past. You are always welcome to play in any of the universes I've created for my stories or rewrite any of mine. All I ask is that you let me know about it.

That sounds like fun! I'm kinda stoked about this remix thing, I gotta say. ONe of the scary things about it is not knowing what writer I'll be given. I listed several fandoms I was willing to write in, so I have no idea what fandom it'll be for, either.