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1. Finished story & posted!
2. Moved desktop Mac, monitor, monitors & amp, midi keyboard, and printer into office!
3. Moved favorite guitar + amp into office!
4. Moved HDTV tuner into office & hooked it up to the widget that connects to the Mac. The office gets a great HD signal! Set everything up to record "Heroes" in HD tomorrow night. Which should beat the non-HD crappy cable signal all hollow.
5. Was a platform for purring cats. Also, was perforated by ditto.
6. Got two! feedback emails from people I haven't talked to before who've enjoyed reading the story thingies. This makes me fizz with happiness.
7. Added a little featurelet to my BPAL tracker Rails app. Reviewed three of the new BPAL scents from the Snake Pit.

Am now listening to Mozart in the office. Husband is off slugging fantasy monsters with his usual Sunday board-gaming group.

Still to do:
1. Resurrect gaming PC.
2. Play guitar a little. It's been long enough that my finger pads will hurt. Finger exercises, blah.

Random: yesterday's APOD was cool.
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