Today is obligation day

The crushing guilt of unfinished stories is now off me, so I can... deal with other crushing guilt!

- Finish tagging giles_fic_recs. done
- Catch up on RPG. Do some actual RP-ing. Write & mail the Italian postcards that have been sitting on my desk for a week. doin' it right now!
- Clean kitchen. Recycle cardboard. progress made
- Declutter living room. made this worse
- Finish moving my office stuff into the reconstituted office/spare bedroom. progress made
- Maybe write, later, if there's time.

Husband is in the bathroom singing to himself. Also talking to himself. It's... hilarious and disturbing.

Final tag tally, top 5 content tags:
- giles/buffy 83
- gen 69
- giles/ethan 48
- giles/wesley 39
- giles/xander 36

anidada and emmessann did a fantastic job through 2006, with solid, consistently interesting recommendations that very much set the tone for the comm.
For some reason the tag on this entry looked like quilt not guilt, and then I got all excited, although the entry clearly had nothing to do with quilts. Ah well.

Am about to go off and do my first rec, hopefully others will enjoy. It doesn't match any of your tags, hope that isn't a problem.
I would describe that as "bringing a refreshing variety to the story lists", exactly the opposite of a problem.
Naps are good.

But I might argue that when a boy and a girl love each other the quilt is felt under them. :)
It didn't take very long once I got into the swing. A few hours of work. Setting up the memories will be more painful. (I'll have to do this with the Giles/Buffy posts, at least, because that tag is pushing the 100-post limit much faster than the others.)

In retrospect, I wished I'd added a hurt/comfort tag. I probably will go back and do it.

So I'd say: don't be scared! Just make a start on it.

This is good advice to myeslf about the RPG. I'm actually scared spitless of participating.
So much to catch up with! It's so non-linear! Everybody else has plans and agendas! And I've never done this before! Whinge!

Nigel is a sweet chinchilla. Very thoughtful. Mina-Kitten has pinned me in place by falling asleep on top of me. I am such a sucker I'm afraid to move. She, unlike Nigel, is completely thoughtless.