Antenna (antennapedia) wrote,

Today is obligation day

The crushing guilt of unfinished stories is now off me, so I can... deal with other crushing guilt!

- Finish tagging giles_fic_recs. done
- Catch up on RPG. Do some actual RP-ing. Write & mail the Italian postcards that have been sitting on my desk for a week. doin' it right now!
- Clean kitchen. Recycle cardboard. progress made
- Declutter living room. made this worse
- Finish moving my office stuff into the reconstituted office/spare bedroom. progress made
- Maybe write, later, if there's time.

Husband is in the bathroom singing to himself. Also talking to himself. It's... hilarious and disturbing.

Final tag tally, top 5 content tags:
- giles/buffy 83
- gen 69
- giles/ethan 48
- giles/wesley 39
- giles/xander 36

anidada and emmessann did a fantastic job through 2006, with solid, consistently interesting recommendations that very much set the tone for the comm.
Tags: guilt

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