Am finally being useful as a moderator for giles_fic_recs and tagging everything. Thanks to prodding from mireille719, that is. I have now tagged back through the beginning of July 2006. That means only 8 more months of nearly-daily recommendations to tag! And then I get to go through the whole mess again and stick them into memories.

#1 tag: Giles/Buffy.
#2: gen
#3: Giles/Xander tied with Giles/Ethan, though Giles/Wesley is only 1 behind

It's kinda fun to read through all these posts so quickly. Lots of stories, and still lots of them as yet unread. Future pleasures!
One thing I learned: the note at the top of my good stories file that says "need more gen!" is wrong. What the comm needs is pointers to more het and canonical pairings. That are not Buffy.
Cool! I've been looking back through some of them to get a feel for it, since my first rec is today.