Wimsey do tell

What next?

iCal tells me I have the following upcoming:
- tag fic, a continuation of the Buffy/Giles sushi dinner (with demon-summoning subplot that might become plot)
- New Year's holiday story (Giles/Buffy, a couple of prompt words)
- tenyearsofbuffy story for March 3 (library-era Scooby genfic)

Yes, I put these things in iCal as to-dos so I don't forget them. Mock me if you will.

The in-progress story list tells me other scary things. But really, because I love polls, a poll! For you to fill out! About stories!

Poll #914298 The almost monthly write-this poll

New stories: threat or menace?

Finish the WIPs first.
Follow the muse.

Of the stories in progress, which ones would be fun to read?

The NaNoWriMo project aka NLBS: universe of "Breaking Glass" and "Gas-Ring Alchemy", Watcher/Slayer bond novel with lots of Council history (55K words and countin')
Tradition & Protocol: the Slayer has the Watcher tattooed
Reconnection: Willow attack in progress
Ars Draconis: Giles finally gets to use the sword in combat
"Risotto": Rupertus Domesticus cooks for Xander ("Cloud Animals" verse)
"Readings": the Tarot story, guest-starring Ethan, Riley, and Buffy

From the story idea file, entirely new things:

"Displaced Watcher" sequel (Buffy goes back with him; Ethan got there first)
"A tragedy in six holidays" further development (Giles/Jenny with baby)
kivrin's prompt: Giles at age 10, before he learns about Watchers and Slayers
anonymous prompt: "Grave", but Tara is alive, and Giles stays afterward, Giles/Tara
The Giles mpreg fic glimmergirl so desperately wants
Your prompt, which you will tell us all in a comment.

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Okay, I'll probably be sorry I asked, but is there any existing Giles mpreg fic? The fandom has been around long enough that there must be, but somehow I have managed to avoid it.
One. Just one. Okay, it's Trekker, so that means it's a little pool of awesome in the swamp of teenaged Spike/Xander mpreg-rapefic, but one.

You know what this means. This means ficathon.
I am going to celebrate the end of my first year in the fandom with a Pregnant Giles ficathon. Totally. You, me, and secondalto and away we go! Late March date? (:3
Dammit! I forgot to include the Regency Giles-Ethan-Buffy story! This is in the plotting/outlining phases, but could be mega-fun. And it will be written because I owe it to wickedfox.
My husband just proclaimed that "organization is procrastination" and then paraded around holding a protesting sign. Okay, miming that he was holding a sign.

*hugs* on this end-of-the-work-week day!
ok, so I initially checked that everything would be fun to read, but then thought that kind of defeats the purpose of a poll, which is to see what I had the Strongest feelings about. So I picked my top 3 WIPs and top 3 new fics.

I can wait a Long time for the mpreg fic, though. No offense to glimmergirl.....

But hey-- where's my Ticky Box option??

Er, to be honest, I kinda made that up about the mpreg. However, given the utter dearth of it (what, the teenaged fans aren't into Giles?) we might have to be writing it. Snort.

I note there isn't much of a consensus emerging, so I'll probably follow my nose to the next story. This means the next story that smells like a cup of coffee will win!
Well, we could have a Chicago style election-- "Vote early, vote often...." Open up them polls again and I'll take another shot.

Here's hoping Holmes smells like coffee....

Follow the muse, for if you don't you will regret it. Or that's how it works for me anyway. Cause I have fic I want to write, need to write, but the muse, she is distracted by shiny new idea! and won't let it go, so I've started writing it in the hopes that I can go back to the others.

I want to read everything, yes I do. And I will likely get a look at one or more of those in a beta capacity which makes me very happy.

Giles mpreg ficathon. Hmmm. I might have to break my self imposed no more ficathons rule for that.
Bwahahahahahahahahaha! Let's do it. Right after the March 3 date for tenyearsofbuffy. Whaddya say?

Giles. Pregnant. We don't care who with, we don't care how. Just... pregnant.