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Oh noes! Character values questionnaire

penknife invented this questionnaire for your characters. Via ljs. I chose to interview two different versions of Rupert Giles. On the left, the Giles of the gentle bond story (you've met him in "Substitute" and "Breaking Glass"). On the right, the Giles of Tradition & Protocol.

Interview Your Character's Values Questionnaire

To use this, answer the questions as your character would if he or she were answering honestly. In general, try to answer this based on what your character has always believed/was taught as a child/thinks everybody who was raised right ought to know. If you know your character has different beliefs about something as an adult than what he or she was taught as a child, though, make a note of both answers.

The Questionnaire

"Substitute" Giles T&P Giles
What's the worst thing someone could do?
Betraying people who trust one would be dreadful. Bringing about the death of innocents. Supporting evil. Cause apocalypse. Whether magical or mechanical.
What's the worst thing someone could do to you?
Hurt my Slayer. Kill me, I suppose. I was subjected to something I thought was the worst thing that could happen to me, and it turned out to be survivable.
What's the worst thing that could happen to you?
Damnation of my immortal soul. Violation of my oath to my Slayer, which would amount to damnation. I can imagine quite a few terrible things, short of death. The worst would be to be abandoned by my Slayer. Or despised by her. To be so tied to someone, so at their mercy, and be unwanted-- that would be living hell.
What's the worst thing someone could say about a person?
He was unfaithful. He was irresponsible.
What's the best thing someone could say about a person?
He was a good man. He fought with all he had.
Are men and women basically different?
Beyond the physical? I think not. Perhaps in areas of interest? [quick laugh] Physically, certainly. Mentally? I've been in classrooms with Watchers of both sexes all my life, and there's no difference I can see.
Which is better, to be a woman or to be a man?
Oh. I think about this sometimes, when I think about whether I'd like a daughter or a son. A son wouldn't ever be chosen as the Slayer. Well, societally men still have the advantage. But that's cultural, and not intrinsic to being male or female.
What can men do that women can't do?
In modern times? Precious little. We're stronger, the Slayer aside. There are some Council roles that may only be filled by a man. Er, not sure why that is, exactly. Nothing I've ever observed.
What can women do that men can't do?
Be Slayers. Er, beyond the obvious about giving birth and all that. Be a Slayer, for reasons no one has satisfactorily explained to me. Bear children.
Is it possible to change genders?
Magically, it must be. Magic might do it, and I think there are medical procedures that do some of it. Wait, gender is mental, isn't it? Sex reassignment surgery wouldn't touch it.
How old is old enough to have sex?
Oh. Um. I've long thought that one of Ethan's troubles, or the cause of it anyway, was that he got, er, started, too young. University age seems to be a good age for a first time. Lord. So long as it's with someone your own age, any time past puberty, I suppose.
Is it wrong to have sex if you're unmarried?
No. Um. No.
Is it wrong to have sex with someone other than your spouse if you're married?
Yes. Depends on what your spouse thinks.
Is it wrong to have sex with a person of the same gender?
No. No.
Is it wrong to have sex with a person of a different race (or a different intelligent non-human species)?
Different races? Don't be ridiculous. Different species, hmm. I've never seen a happy example of it. I'm thinking of Buffy and her vampire, here. No, but... be careful about the species.
Is it wrong to have more than one sexual partner at the same time?
blushes No. No.
Is it wrong to have sex with someone you don't love?
Wrong? I'm not sure. But... I sound ridiculously sentimental to myself, but the more I think about it, the more I think love is the only thing that matters. Love our partners, love our fellow man, love God. And act as love moves us. So not wrong as in sin, but wrong as in... unhealthy? No.
What are the responsibilities of a mother toward a child?
Love and nuturing. Early education. Proper nutrition and so on, though I suppose that's a joint responsibility. A sympathetic ear. Beyond the early physical duties, like nursing a baby and all that, general caretaking. Teaching it. Keeping it in good health.
What are the responsibilities of a father toward a child?
Love. Support. Respect. It would be an honor if they were to follow the family tradition and fight for the cause of light, but even if they didn't I'd support them. Teach them all I know. And of course provide for them physically, but I take that as read. Teach them all I know, provide for them, arm them against the world. Spare them what I went through, if I can, give them some idea of what's ahead of them. It's likely any children I have will be in the demon-slaying business, to my sorrow, but someone must do it. Hmm. Thinking about this makes me have a bit more sympathy for my father, when he sent me off to the Council.
What are the responsibilities of a child toward a parent?
Love and respect. My father turned out to have quite a lot of useful wisdom to share with me, so I suppose I should like to be listened to in return. If I deserve it. I would hope I would deserve it. Care for them in their old age, I suppose. Respect is something that's earned, not owed, so I'm not sure what else. I love my parents, but that's because they've been, er, loveable. They've inspired it in me. Not sure it's a responsibility.
Which should be more important to you, your parent or your child?
My child. But that's an easy choice for me. I'm not close to my mother, and my father is long gone. My child. That's the job, isn't it? And my parents would likely agree.
Which should be more important to you, your parent or your spouse?
My wife. Cleave to her, be one flesh, all that. Spouse.
Which should be more important to you, your child or your spouse?
Dear Lord, could I live with myself after making a choice like that? I'm supposed to say "my child", but I don't know if that's what I'd do in the moment. I would rather sacrifice myself than... I don't want to think about this. Child. What a choice to have to make.
Is it wrong to have a child if you're unmarried?
Yes. Er, well, it's not a good idea. A committed relationship would be good, at least. No.
Is abortion wrong?
They do it to the Potentials, if they happen to, um, and it's always bothered me. I don't like it, and couldn't support the decision. Though compassion means that one wouldn't judge. No.
Is contraception wrong?
No. No. Absurd question.
Is there one true religion?
Goodness, no. There are many Powers. Are there any true religions?
Does a deity or deities exist?
Yes. Many. So I'm told.
How important is it to believe in a deity or deities?
Belief is not at issue here. I am given fresh proof that my God exists every time I hold a cross in the face of a vampire. It doesn't seem to matter.
How important is it to actively practice your religion?
Quite. Er. The Lord seems to be pleased by, er, church-going. And prayer. And a life well-lived. Spare me.
Does magic exist?
Yes. Is this a trick question?
Is practicing magic wrong?
No. It's the use to which one puts it. I thought, once, that it was wrong for me, that I couldn't be trusted. No. If you have power, it's your responsibility to use it in the fight against darkness.
Is killing always wrong?
No. Unfortunately. My job is to kill for my Slayer, did you know? She's forbidden to, but sometimes it must be done. The blood is on my hands, and I'll be judged if my choices were poor. She is spared, though. No. The Slayer exists to kill, and I exist to support her, help her choose targets and execute. Sometimes a bloody awful life, but we do it so that you can sleep soundly.
Is war always wrong?
No. Historically, often wrong. But at times, the only way to set a true horror right is to perpetrate a lesser horror. One hopes temporarily. As when killing a single man to save many men. No. The canonical example is the second World War. Can't think of too many others.
How old is old enough to fight in a war?
Dear Lord, no one is ever old enough. But children fight in every war in modern times. How old is the Slayer when she is Called? Too young, and yet she must fight. Old enough to understand? That age will vary. Ten was considered old enough for me. Fifteen for the Slayer.
Is rape always wrong?
Yes. Yes. Change the subject, please.
Is torture always wrong?
Yes. I-- yes. This subject is not much of an improvement. Torture doesn't work, does it? At least not against the committed. You can beat information out of someone to whom the information doesn't truly matter. But most of the time you're left with blood on your hands and no information. Though I broke under it, so I suppose... well, I won't ever again do it to another human being. Demons are another matter.
Is theft always wrong?
Always? No. Mostly. No.
Is slavery wrong?
Yes. Ha! Bloody funny question to be asking me. I have to say no, not always, don't I? Or it's a bit of a mess.
Is lying wrong?
Not good, but not always wrong. No. It's another tool.
Is swearing wrong?
Yes. Well, er, not in any important sense wrong, just undesirable. No. I suppose I should say "fuck no" just to make you laugh.

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