Oh noes! Quiz meme!

Hm. Movie quiz thing. I am left thinking that this was a wasted opportunity, however. Like, it's not quite as much fun as the scientific paper generator.

LiveJournal Username
The name of the movie
Background Music
Political Outlook
Mood of Ending
Has a hilarious-looking afromythichistorian
Appears mostly for a gratuitous sex sceneelementalv
Feels it necessary to wear aviator sunglasseselementalv
Plays a minority in a way modern viewers find racistsecondalto
Utters the catchphrase that will remain in American pop culturesecondalto
Comic reliefsecondalto
Cult Classic?False
Most repeated phrase on DVD commentary trackI am Jor-El!
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Okay, that's fucking IT on these LJ quiz things. The single most popular quiz is this one. Three you're/your errors, including one in the title. AAAAAAAAAAAIIIIIGH! And it isn't even actually funny to make up for it.

Okay, that's the second time I play a minority. gileswench has me in the same place! *laughs* Wonder what my catchphrase would be? And of course I'm comic relief, but would anyone get my humor? *ponders*