Pointy Horns or Black Hats

Hey! Several new chapters of Pointy Horns and Black Hats were posted since I last looked! This is a long story about a Giles who went to Hogwarts because his dad married Snape's mom. The two of them were very uneasy stepbrothers, enemies and then reluctant allies. A modern story is interleaved with the tale of Giles at school.

Big fun, I think.
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And finally complete! Or nearly so. Though I thought she was a bit of a tease: we didn't get to see the inevitable rivalry or the falling out directly!
You are evil! I had to spend the past couple days reading this story...and it's a WIP!

Seriously, it was good, sucked me right in and now I'm all, "what now?" lol. Thanks for the rec.
Yeah, I know! She said "completed" on it, but if she stops there I'll, I'll... well, I don't know what I'll do, but it won't be polite! I mean, those two are brewing for a confrontation over, er, you know what.