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Oh noes! Submarining a bit

I'll be attempting to concentrate on finishing this story. I might either not respond to IM or just quit the app so I'm not tempted. I also have some real work to get kicking on.

I owe 3 of you beta-reads. I have not forgotten. I might do them to procrastinate.

And because I am baa-baa, the tell-me-what-to-write meme. Go there and tell me what you want me to write next. I do pay attention to these things, believe it or not.
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I think the very awesomeness of the Rupertus Domesticus icon causes a slow-down field to surround it. Because I'm having the worst time trying to produce the little bit of soup-making fluff that I have on the table.
*pounds head on kitchen counter*

It's the actual cooking bit that's giving me trouble. Which is weird, because I have written Giles cooking meals, or even just making tea, in nearly every story I've written. (Look! I've discovered another bulletproof kink!)